HTC One X Battery Life Review

HTC One X Battery Life The One X is HTC’s new flagship Android phone. HTC had a lot of Android phone releases in 2011, but in 2012, the company seems to be settling down to focus on the quality of the devices it releases rather than quantity. The One X is being released with quad processors, an 8MP camera, and it continues HTC’s excellent web browsing experience established with their previous smartphones. One of the negatives of many HTC smartphones, however, is the battery life, especially those running on the latest 4G wireless network. Does the HTC finally provide a quality Android smartphone device with a long battery life?

The One X is a monumental step forward in cell phone design for HTC. The ladies and gentlemen over at HTC have compiled everything they know about making smartphones successful. They have also learned from other successes on the market like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S II. HTC has encased massive hardware into a beautifully designed exterior to create this incredible wireless phone. Deciding whether or not a device has the overall package needed to succeed in today’s competitive smartphone marketplace requires an analysis of multiple factors, but one of the most crucial factors for many consumers is the battery life.

HTC One X Screen
When taking into account the battery life of the HTC One X, consumers must consider the amount of hardware running inside the today’s advanced mobile devices. With four cores clocking in at 1.5 GHz each and a bright 4.7 inch display, one might not expect this phone to have much battery life at all, but it certainly delivers when used moderately. This is the balancing act that consumers have to deal with considering today’s smartphone technology. If the phone is going to have an enormous, super-bright display with a quad processor running at incredible speeds than battery life will be sacrificed.

The goal of HTC with the battery life on the One X was an all-day battery. For most of the smartphones on the market, this is the best the consumer can hope for when it comes to battery life. With the 1800mAh battery installed in every new One X, it can certainly achieve HTC’s all day go when used in moderation throughout the day. Every smartphone on the market will run into a problem if used for hours at a time as a media device. Five hours of video will run down almost any mobile battery, especially a mobile battery powering the bright 4.7 inch screen.

With the One X, HTC decided to implement hardware that would drastically reduce power usage. The excellent news is that, for most processes on the phone, it worked. Nvidia’s Tegra 3 is at the heart of the One X’s quad core processing. In fact, the it is the first smartphone on the market to use Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor. With the Tegra 3, Nvidia introduces a quad core plus one design that only activates the quad core processing when necessary. There is a fifth and less powerful core that operates the more simple tasks on the phone.

While playing games and running stress tests with all of the bells and whistles going, the brightness maximized, and the speakers up to maximum levels, the HTC One X battery life was almost five hours. Five hours with everything set to warp speed, utilizing the four-core technology, while playing games and using the phone constantly is an above average number considering the processing power of this phone. However, with the settings down to a more average level, the battery lasted almost fourteen hours.

Along with the excellent battery life, the HTC One X also achieves negligible response times when performing most tasks. The phone’s benchmark scores outperform the Galaxy Note, the HTC One S, and the ASUS Transformer Prime. When browsing the internet the phone achieves remarkable download times of 6Mbps on the AT&T HSPA+ data network. Which is the type of data available with AT&T in most regions across the country. The HTC One X will be an LTE phone on the AT&T network, but the LTE preview was not prepared before its release.

With amazing looks, terrific performance and an improved battery life, the HTC One X is a phone worthy of attention. For those in the market for an Android phone that is outside of the box, beautiful and not identical to all of the Galaxy S II clones, look no further than the One X.