HTC Rezound Battery Life Review and Test

The new HTC Rezound doesn’t have the biggest screen is the market today. However, the amazing 1280×720 pixels packing on 4.3 inch screen makes this the first smartphone with a mind-boggling 342 ppi. How is the HTC Rezound battery life holding up against competitions? With all the power it has on a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, do you need an extended battery for HTC Rezound under normal use? Let’s review and test what the standard 1620 mAh battery can do.

The talk time for Verizon HTC Rezound is 6.7 hours and standby time can last up to 10.9 days. Not some impressive numbers that we would like to hear. Is 1620mAh battery too small for such powerhouse device? We’ve seen from time to time that increased use of videos, apps, web surfing, and games are very power consuming. The battery life should be fine for normal use such as texting and browsing the Internet a few times throughout the day. People who bought or consider buying this phone are mostly attracted by the amazing 720p HD screen and the iBeats headset (worth $100 alone). This is the best bundled smartphone we’ve ever come across. That means people will be using multimedia functions more than ever. The music sounds rich, even when using the ear buds on other mobile devices. Audio quality is definitely superior to any other smartphones in the market today. I simply can’t imagine they will use the phone just for talking!

HTC Rezound Battery Life

Based on various reviews by CNet, GSMArena, Engadget, Gizmodo, and other blogs and forums, the HTC Rezound can actually achieve somewhere between 6 and 8 hours of talk time. Keep in mind that’s just voice. Browsing the web on combination of 3G/4G network give you close to 5 hours. Strictly using 3G instead of 4G will make the battery performance better. Go to settings menu (Wireless & Network

We know we can’t get rely on the battery to offer longer than 6 hours of straight web browsing. Does it make the Verizon Rezound less appealing to us? Not at all. We are very satisfied with basically everything else this Android smartphone has to offer. It’s not the thinnest phone we’ve used. In fact, it’s almost twice as thick as the DROID RAZR. But it’s easy to hold and feels steady on your palm. Software and apps are snappy. There is virtually no lag when jumping from one app to another. Verizon Wireless is the perfect network to use to Rezound. We have seen download speed as high as 20Mbps and average upload was about 3.3Mbps. You can consistently get fast and reliable 4G LTE connection metro areas but the speed will slow down a bit in rural area. For consumers who are always on the go and need a speedy and reliable data network, there is no doubt HTC Rezound can provide both powerful processing power and broadband like network speed. You can also share 4G LTE connection with up to 10 WiFi-enabled devices all at the same time. If mobile entertainment like streaming movies and music is important to you, this smartphone will not disappoint you, especially on 4.3″ HD 720p display. However, now the real question comes down to what matters to you the most – would you rather have faster download or better battery life?

My final verdict. Just like many 4G LTE smartphones, the battery life on HTC Rezound is not less than stellar. The power performance is worse than the 1780 mAh found in DROID Rezound. You can’t blame HTC for not using a battery with higher capacity. In order to make the phone thinner and lighter the design doesn’t allow for a bigger battery. Keep 2 charger handy – one at home and one at work. Turning off 4G will make the battery last longer. But aren’t you buying the phone because it has 4G capability. Make sure you plug it into the charger before going to bed every night. The good news is that you can use a third-party made backup battery. While one battery is being charged you can use another one to keep the Verizon Rezound working. That should give you double the battery juice you need to go through the whole day.

HTC Rezound Battery Life Review