Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Life Review

Samsung Galaxy Note Battery LifeOne of the hottest new phones on the market is the Samsung Galaxy Note, a behemoth Android-based smartphone that aims to directly take on Windows Phone and iOS competitors. The device is rock solid in many ways, from its bold and beautiful screen to its large size and lightning-fast data speeds. But the Samsung Galaxy Note battery life statistics are remarkable in their own right. The device easily outlasts competing smartphones of all stripes, even with a 4G LTE data connection powering its functions.

Transcending the 4G LTE Battery Drain

While wireless networks have been working diligently to expand the reach of their next-generation 4G LTE data networks, mobile phone development has severely lagged behind. Sure, there have been quite a few LTE phone releases in recent months, but their battery performance has been so poor that users found them impractical and virtual unusable. Indeed, until the Samsung Galaxy Note, most users had to choose between turning off their 4G connection or carrying a portable charger around with them wherever they went.

That’s why it’s so surprised to hear a Samsung Galaxy Note battery life review that touts the device’s long-lasting call and standby times. Every major comparison between the device and competing smartphones shows that it lasts just as long as 3G competitors, and far longer than similarly-outfitted 4G Android devices.

This long battery life is largely due to the Samsung Galaxy Note’s behemoth battery. At 2,500 mAh, the included lithium-ion battery is more than twice the size of competing Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Incredible S line of smartphones. It’s even got more juice behind it than Google’s own Nexus One device, which was designed to be the industry-leading Android phone of late 2011 and early 2012. All of that positions the Galaxy Note as one of the leading 4G phones on any mobile carrier in the world — and that’s a strong showing from a company which has been noted for its robust phones with questionable batteries and charge times.

A Lot of Power for a Big Device

Samsung Galaxy Note White
The Samsung Galaxy Note packs a big battery, but it necessarily has to: the device packs a whopping 5.3 inch screen, which is designed to position the Note as a bridge between smaller smartphones and significantly larger tablet computing devices powered by the same Android operating system. Likewise, 4G LTE data connections are battery-draining by their nature, and including a large battery is the least a company can do when developing a next-generation smartphone that takes advantage of this technology.

But the Samsung Galaxy Note also uses a low-powered processor and is incredibly efficient. Even a 2,500 mAh lithium-ion battery can be put to bad use, and quickly drain, on a device of any size and scope. A Samsung Galaxy Note battery life review would be remiss if it didn’t give the company a huge amount of credit for using power efficiently, optimizing software for maximum battery life, and turning out such an impressive model of phone.

Playing With the Big Boys

Samsung Galaxy Note
The Samsung Galaxy Note’s battery life easily lasts as long as an iPad. The device, on standby, can last almost eleven days without a single charge. That’s nearly as good as Apples iPad — a device with a significantly larger screen, more advanced functions, and more persistent data connections. Consumers who use the device actively, all day long, will find that the Samsung Galaxy Note can go up to ten hours between charges during periods of intense use. This figure includes watching an occasional video between charges, making it all the more impressive.

With statistics like these, the phone easily surpasses other 4G LTE offerings in battery life. Many of the most recent phones can last between six and eight hours on a charge, and often experience far less battery life in real-world tests. Those phones have standby times of between three and six days, which is again far below the Samsung Galaxy Note’s capability for storing power and using it in only the most efficient ways.

Worth noting is that Samsung’s new Galaxy Note device is actually smaller than any of the company’s Galaxy Tab series of full-sized tablet computers. It includes 4G where those devices only include 3G. And, amid all of this, the Galaxy Note has far longer battery life than those devices in almost every scenario — sometimes by as much as fifty percent. Samsung deserves some serious credit for this achievement.

A Solid Bridge Between Worlds

The Samsung Galaxy Note was designed to bridge the gap between tablet computers and smartphones, and it has done so easily. Samsung Galaxy Note battery life is the icing on a functional, usable cake, and easily shines as the industry’s new standard. The device should be considered by all Android lovers and tablet power users as their next purchase when considering a new phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Review